What are the Common Work Place Dress Codes?


Deciding on dress code is an incredibly important aspect when it comes to running a business.

It can affect the morale of your staff, the image you want to have and the level of professionalism you want your business to operate in.

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Business Professional

Business professional tends to be a conservative dress code for the workplace. It requires staff to look formal around the office, but it isn’t entirely restrictive when it comes to employees choosing outfits that reflect their personality.

There is a wide-scope as to what business attire is, what it includes and what it doesn’t.

Depending on the line of work your business carries out, business professional is usually a good dress code for formal offices that deals with clients on a regular basis.

Smart Causal

Smart casual is typically the most common dress code for business and staff.

Although the term can vary depending on HRs for different companies, it typically allows staff to be more creative with their choice of clothing whilst keeping a standard of professionalism around the office.

There are a number of guides that covers men smart causal outfits and women smart casual outfits too.


Working in a casual office usually creates a relaxing, yet productive atmosphere for your employees.

The complete opposite of uniforms and business professional dress codes, causal allows staff to wear casual clothes whilst working.

This type of work dress code certainly gives your staff the freedom to be creative with their outfits and let their personality shine throughout the workspace. Choosing your style.