What should you put in your cv?

CV Writing Guide

Tips on writing CVs – the Do’s

The following is a list of the main elements you should consider when writing your CV.

After creating your CV, you should save the document in MSWord. Some employers and recruitment agencies prefer to recieve CVs via email; while others still prefer paper. If a paper CV is required, make sure it is properly typed or word-processed using quality A4 cream or white paper.

You must use standard type faces (fonts) such as Arial, Times Roman, Helvetica, no smaller than 12 points.

Always write in a formal manner, using the third person (responsible for … Undertook varied tasks… etc) rather than the first person
(I was responsible for…).

Try not to repeat words throughout the same paragraphs unless this is absolutely necessary and remember to target your curriculum vitae to the particular vacancy, highlighting relevant skills and qualifications.

Don’t forget to check the grammar and also spellcheck your work. Either proofread it yourself or get a friend to prooofread it for you.

Remember to enclose a well written covering letter with your CV. They are vitally important and ensure your CVs are noticed and read. For help on writing cover letters, click here. You can purchase a professional cover letter by following our online instructions and paste your existing CV onto the secure order form. Alternatively, you may wish to take a look at our excellent tutorial guides which includes our cover letter tutorials.

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