How can you order CV’s online?

How to Order

Hiring a professional to write your CV can put you above the rest of the competition.

Submitting your CV is the first chance you get at giving a great impression, so make it worth it and stand out from the crowd. Prices for CV writing start at £17.99. For more information, visit this website.

A.  Ordering CVs And Tutorial Manuals

Ordering your CV online is fast, safe and straightforward. Our secure server authentication certificate confirms that we are a valid and trusted site; and ensures your information cannot be intercepted online.

Once you decide on the type of CV you require, simply access the secure online order form. To save time filling the entire form, you can paste any existing CV onto the form itself by following the instructions.

Simply select the CV service you require in the shopping cart. On check out, you will be directed to Worldpay’s server for payment. The entire process is totally secure, from the moment you access the online form till final payment.

  1. To select your chosen card from the list of accepted cards
  2. To enter the Card Holder’s name as it appears on your credit card, along with the card number.

The whole payment procedure is safe and secure from the moment you access the order form. Please contact us for more information.

B.  If You Require the Application Form Administering Service

You can place on order for our professional form administering service using the online order form and cart. Please refer to the form section which lists detailed instructions for ordering, including the necessary information we require along with the various methods for transmitting the information to us.

The online payment procedure for our form services are as for CVs.

C.  Booking Career Workshop Courses

Our professional career development workshops cater for organizations seeking to improve staff members’ career development skills. The courses are also ideal for private individuals who wish to brush-up on the latest career empowerment skills.

Click here for more information about targeting your CV to an audience.

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