Making your CV stand out online

When you are creating a CV, you should always think about your online presence.

Traditionally, people may think a CV has to be printed and in the hands of the recruiter.

However, things have changed.

There have been developments in the recruitment process to adapt to modern times, including the rise in people using the internet as a job-search method.

Why should I bother with an online CV?

Although at Evans Books we have a team of 40 expert CV reviewers that can help your CV appeal to employers, we are adapting to the changes in the recruitment agency.

One of the main changes is online CVs. Evans Books employ SEO consultants so that they can increase interest within their target market, you will need SEO to ensure the right recruiters see your CV! See here for more information.

Some people make sure they put the right type and amount of hashtags on social media so their content gets traffic.

That’s no different than ensuring your online CV contains the right amount (and type) of data so recruiters can find you.

There is also a rise in recruiters looking for ideal candidates for a role that is not officially advertised.

Instead of wasting their time looking through applicants that do not meet their ideal candidate criteria, they want to come across the right candidates themselves.

And you may miss out if your CV is not SEO-friendly.

Four things that can improve your online CV!

You don’t need to do complex things to improve your chances of your CV being seen online.

1. Have a headline that will grab the right attention!

The headline is what will make the recruiter stay on your profile. Recruiters can spend 6-8 seconds on your CV, so you need to grab their attention right away!

2. Decide on your keywords and adapt your online CV so people can find your CV.

By creating an online CV around your chosen keywords, it can greatly improve your chances of being seen by recruiters for the job that you want.

3. Include your social media profiles.

Your social media profiles can give them a better understanding of what you like to do outside of work. Important: be sure to remove any inappropriate photos as recruiters will be likely to ignore your application.

4. Be very specific when listing your skills.

Don’t just list that you know how to use Photoshop or Sony Vegas. Be specific. Also, it helps to list your understanding of your skills and how you were taught.

See our helpful posts about “what should you put in your CV?” and “top 10 tips to perfecting your CV” for tips that can help your CV grab the attention of recruiters.

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