Don’t put this in your CV!

CV Help Guide

Help showing pitfalls to avoid when writing your CV


Never incorporate borders when writing curriculum vitae. This is an old-fashioned practice which is no longer in use. It is untidy, distractive and should be avoided.

Regarding presentation and appearance, never use type faces in other colours except standard black. The use of fancy, coloured or patterned paper should also be avoided; instead use cream or white quality paper, ideally conqueror.

Remember that employers are busy people – they usually take a mere 30 seconds to scan individual CVs so it is extremely important when detailing your career history and duties, not to over-elaborate. Try to be direct and concise at all times when compiling your CV.

Most importantly, do not state anything on your resume which you cannot substantiate. Above all, you must ensure not to falsify your skills, qualifications or career history. If not during the recruitment process, employers will make subsequent checks!!

Microsoft’s MSWord is the recognized industry standard format to save your work. Saving your work in other formats may firstly cause difficulties if the recipient cannot open the file on their own word processing software. Secondly other formats can be corrupted when transmitted via email. So to avoid sending a garbled and disjointed CV to a prospective employer, avoid saving your work in formats other than MSWord.

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