What is a cover letter and when do you use it?

Professional Cover Letters

Covering letters make your application more professional and help get your CV noticed from the pile!

Every CV should be accompanied by a professional cover letter. Cover letters are important documents and almost all employers ask for them. These letters are just as important as CVs.

They are the first documents a busy employer reads and for maximum impact, cover letters must satisfy the requirements of the employer in relation to the prescribed job.

Professional cover letters briefly highlight relevant job experience, skills and training, using concrete examples.

A badly written or long winded cover letter will often result in the employer dumping the accompanying CV in the bin without even reading it !!

Our cover letters are professionally compiled, usually in three paragraphs using proven writing styles and techniques that render persuasive impact upon the reader, effectively ensuring your CV is noticed from the pile.

Our professional cover letter service returns finished documents within 24 hours. To purchase a cover letter, please view our price list and fill the secure order form. If you only wish to purchase a cover letter without a CV, you can paste your current CV to the form according to the instructions. Our cover letter service ensures your CV is noticed from the pile.

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