Expert tips on targeting your CV

The Targeted CV Format

Tailoring your skills, background and qualifications towards your next job.

A popular and highly effective feature of our CV services package, the Targeted CV focusses on relevant and transferable skills. This professional CV format applies if:

you are changing career and wish to transfer your skills into another field in which you have little experience

you have an established track record and wish to assume
greater responsibility and career progression within your field

you are a recent graduate with little or no work experience
in your chosen field but have gained skills in other areas

you are multi-skilled, having worked in a variety of different sectors and are hoping to target one specific industry

The Targeted CV focusses on “selling your skills” for the prescribed job.

Relevant experience, skills and background are highlighted, enabling the employer to quickly absorb relevant information he/she is searching for. This CV style is normally two pages long, divided into two distinct sections: one detailing
relevant information, the other incorporating additional skills which are transferable to the job being sought.

Our online CV consultancy package delivers this format within 24 hours. To purchase a Targeted CV, please view our price list and fill the secure order form. You can paste your existing CV to the form by following the instructions. To avoid delay, please ensure that this CV style is the correct format for you, based on the information you submit.

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