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Evans Bookkeeping and Accounting is the most complete provider of accounting and financial advisory services in the United Kingdom. With branches throughout the UK, from South to North, and a strong presence in all major cities of the British Islands, all of them created just in the last 20 years, our growth is our best business card. 

We have grown thanks to the support of all our clients. Our customers have been giving us a constant possitive feedback, and if it wasn't for them, we would never be what we are. People are glad to be our clients and tell us so once and again. Many of our customers have come to us through referrals from other clients. The reaction of the people speaks for itself. We can proud ourselves to be the best accounting service providers and now you are kindly invited to see by yourself what is it that makes us special.


Big national and international companies have started to cast their eyes upon us. Some of our clients are actually powerful firms that every day choose to leave their accounts in our hands. However, this has not changed us, apart from helping us grow bigger. We are still happy to receive and serve anybody, and we do our best for all of them, regardless how many zeros their account has. We still keep our fees friendly to the public and accessible for everyone. 

The root of our success is the response of the people

Evans Bookkeeping and Accounting started out as a small bookkeeping business in March, 1982. Our particular philosophy of treating all our clients with respect and care, regardless who they are, have always been the key to our success. We grew so fast that we decided to invite more and more qualified professionals to join our team. Since 2002 we also offer tax and accounts management. People have always requested more from us, and we are happy to give it to them. 

Our services

We are subdivided in several departments, each one of which has a head specialist and a complete team of advisors, accounters and solicitors who are meant to provide the most complete service to all our customers. We strongly believe that all services should be based on quality, so we make our best effort to constantly raise the level of our teams and search for only the best advisors and accounters to join our offices.

Services that we provide include:

Bookkeeping and accounting. Bank reconciliations. Payroll.
Creditors and debitors ledger. Cash flow management. General tax consulting and auditing.

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Words from our clients

"The services of Evans Bookkeeping and Accounting are impeccable. Their work and their constant feedback have met and surpassed all our expectations. We are happy to work with them and to keep doing it in the future."

Scarlet Seal Co.

"I was referred to Evans Bokkeeping and Accounting by my father, who has had a great experience with them. And I can see thy. These people are so professional and so specialized in what they do that I can relax knowing that my numbers are in good hands."
Fernand Jackson

"All I needed to get my business going was good money managing, because I have always been terrible at that. I knew that I had to ask for some help. Evans Bookkeeping and Accounting was that help. And it did help."
Daniel Turner